A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Tuesday, November 4

From 1974

I'm no messenger, a prophet nor a saint. Born near winter of '74. A mediocre to strive in life ahead, undefeatable by nature but by allegiance so unbending. Stages of zeitgeist molded the core.In retrospect, witnessed these social chronicle, though the first five years may seem a blur.
Nonetheless, was an indistinct bystander who never discounts, instead peruse reasons of why we are here.

Ted Bundy attacks. Watergate. Nixon cites executive privileges.
Golda Meir resigns. Coldwar remains bleak bringing chills all around.
Last Jap Soldier operating in Philippines surrenders.Where the hell has he been?
Isabel Peron replaces Juan. Kings Arms bombed right after awakening. What's it got to do with my being?

Jaws blockbustered the year after. Not that I cared back then. Sara Jane Moore, the would-be-Ford-assassin jailed for life. Who is she again? 1977, A guy named William H Gates arrested in New Mexico. My God, what could the world have been without Microsoft?

Funk and disco re-emerged. Several hijacking of air crafts by Islamic militants. The trail of terror by a leftist revolutionary, Illich Ramirez Sanchez-Carlos the Jackal. He reads novels? Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Here, Bin Laden fought arm in arm with Uncle Sam. Who might he be in years to come?

People's Temple mass murder in Jones town. Death of Elvis in 1977 and who would have thought the eclectic early '80s will bring Lennon down? Holy crap, I actually remembered the day! Obscure and indistinct, but I actually have a recollection of the day. Hearing it on the radio, was it my brother Bong or my aunts who stopped and gave attention? Geez, I wish I can recall every day since I was born.

I remember a shampoo commercial on TV that made magic, but lied-something about sunny drop. Flor de Luna, Wonder Woman, Super Friends and Six Million Dollar Man graced the early evening Telly.

Remembered my Dad, on several occasions, with sense of urgency in his voice, told us to go up in the bedroom while he entertained some worn, weakened and scrawny but intellectual sounding guests. Then I learned what NPA means. Aquino assassinated in August of '83. Who dares forget the image of a lifeless man on the tarmac of an airport now named after him? I wouldn't, because it was my first social awakening.

The snap election in 1986, followed by chaos around the country. Ramos and Enrile teamed up. The catalyst of all modern Philippine revolutions eventuated, the Edsa People Power. Yellow flags, yellow bandannas, yellow flowers, yellow shirts. Marcos fled, Cory took over. How many shoes did Imelda leave behind?

AIDS heralded as the most feared STD. Berlin Wall no more. The Chernobyl cataclysm reinforcing fear of nuclear war. Remember Mustang Sally? Ride-Sally-Ride...First American Woman in Space. Can't beat the Russians. Indira Gandhi assasinated. Space shuttle challenger a goner.

First Gulf war in the 90s. Liberation of Kuwait. My nephew's name was going to be SCUD, geez, what was my sister thinking? Lucky she got enlightened. I could have nicknamed him TOMAHAWK.

Dr Jack Kevorkian assisted his first euthanasia, violating the Hippocratic Oath, "...I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest any such counsel...". Where Kevorkian failed, Dr Philip Nitschke from Darwin succeeded.

Pinatubo erupts and lowers the global temperature. Nelson Mandela a free man. Popular expansion of the internet from the 80s to the hi-tech DOT-COMs in the '90s then WWW on line in 91 . Emails flowed, then cellular phones innovated.

Iron Curtain has fallen, Yeltsin must've had too much Smirnoff on hand. But hey, we were thankful, now the world can rest. Bosnian war killed over 90,000 people. Ethnic cleansing but Poverty still rampant and old land mine clean-up proved just as deadly as war. Escobar surrenders, to a jail that turned out to be his making. Jeffrey Dahlmer's 13 years of sex with corpses ended.

Princess Diana died, I felt like her friend, I cried. Magic Johnson tested positive in HIV a day after my birthday in 91. Peace in El Salvador, but Middle East brewing.

OJ got away, not for long anyway. Gotti and Tyson found guilty. Bill and Monika spilled some juices, Oh my, identifies his DNA. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold massacred Columbine High. Moral panic against goths. WACO disaster. Who really did it? FBI give us an answer.

Arafat and Rabin shook hands, followed by the first explosion in the World Trade Centre. New word created, BOBBIT which means penis removal. New Kids on the Block came like an explosion, then dissipated like a dust.

Black Hawk down. IRA peace talks. Jackie Kennedy died, then Jacko married the king's daughter. TV show, Friends, came on air.

Timothy McVeigh went under the needle for the Oklahoma Bombing. Thanks God another pariah gone. Area 51 exists? Clinton says so. Estrada's come and gone. Has he done anything at all?

gave birth to my son in 95, the happiest, yet most painful day of my life-first masochistic experience.

Dolly the sheep cloned. Kobain commits suicide. Michael Jordan retires. Who would forget the Y2K scare?

Then 9/11 happened. Sure everyone remembers what they were doing that very moment. I don't. I was drunk like hell. Didn't know till the day after. Depressed me more. Invasion of Iraq. What was Bush thinking? Bin Laden remains in hiding.

World financial crisis. Obama save the world....

What a milestone I have gone. Darwin is my life, but my heart's still in Bukidnon.
Now I'm 34...


shnaggy said...

oie ayg ingna my heart is in bukidnon, basi dili ma dayon bligya ag lupa sa dadto. 2m na ra ba ang bid.hahaha...bitaw, we sill never forget bukidnon,cmu in particular. it will forever be part of us. i wanna go back there and take a nice photo of musuan peak, enlarge it and hang it in our would-be HAPPY HOME soon...
i emailed you on your birthday, hope you got it...happy birthday again. share us the details of your party na...

**bhEbz** said...

WOW!!!! grabe jud...taasa...happy bday .....

falcon116 said...

thank you thank you...bitaw oi, tiguwang na jud...grabe na ang history gi agi-an...

oo nkuhA NKO ATE. THANKS. busy kayo ko pag naa ko sa work....ako kinaiya bitaw binukid lang japon kayo. gkan jud bukidnon. di ma limod

jackie said...

goosshhhhhh...what a memory oi...!!! hurot ako bilib nimo yeng ay..ehehehehe....anywayz, hope that even with our miles-away distance, we cud still get-n-touch always...hope to visit u sumtime and be able to attend ur bday next year! always hope for u & ur family's healthy & wealthy year...miss u...mwahhhhhhh belated happy bday....grrrrr lapas na jud ta kaau sa calendar days hahahahhaha...

falcon116 said...

hi Jaqs...sagod tawon ka biliban oi...ikaw ning milyonarya na. mao, lapas na kayo sa kalendaryo. daghan na kayo history gi agi-an. ngutana ako anak kinsa kuno si aquino nga gi assassinate...ingon ko papa ni kris aquino. Ingon dayon siya, "OH, Really?" see...kaila siya ni kris, pero wala ni ninoy. pero kaila siyang Rizal...heheheh.

Oi thank you oi. Yup ari jud dre nxt nko birthday...bantay lang ka.
mwaahh mwaahh mwahh

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