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Wednesday, March 5

Pugs in Darwin

Just recently, I got asked by a couple of friends why I decided to have a pug instead of a Shitzu or a chihuahua. Maybe because they think I look so much like an over weight shitzu or chihuahua...or for what ever reason they decided that these two breeds suit me more than a pug...I don't know.


A few years ago, My son and I went back to Philippines to visit my family. It was then that I first encountered this alien-looking being. My sister, Shnaggy, was a proud and loving master of a guy named Wally(I think she named him after one of her best mates-Wally Alcantara)...Now, she might deny that....

Anyway, I used to hate dogs, cats, rabbits....anything that has furs and moves. We used to have a German Shepherd named REX, and I used to treat him so badly. But when I met Wally, It was curiosity at first sight. I really wondered why my sister loved her pug so much. She treats Wally like a baby!!! Wally has his own Yaya(nanny)!!!

We stayed there for almost three months and as days went, I got to know Wally more. He was a very loyal but very jealous pug. When my sister is on the bed sleeping, he'd also be sleeping quietly on the floor right next to the bed. Whenever she's in the toilet, He'd dutifully guard the door. He's very friendly, but whenever my sister hugs my son, or whoever, Wally goes crazy. He'll bark like there's no tomorrow. When we go shopping, he'd sit right near the gate awaiting our return. Once, We went to the beach... he'd never go swimming unless my sister was also dipped in the water. If my sister goes deeper, he'd most willingly swim after her, even if he looked like he was already about to drown. I've noticed soon after that this dog is not normal!

Unfortunately, Wally died soon after we came back to Darwin. My sister called me in the middle of the night, but my phone was switched off. When she finally got me early in the morning...she was bawling!!! She was bawling for months and months. But now, I think she's recovered because she's got another pug, a girl, named Kookie.

All of a sudden, I became a pug lover!

Upon our return to Darwin, My son and I nagged my husband repeatedly about getting a pug. So, five months after we bought our house, My husband and my son bought me a pug for my birthday. We had to transport him from Dubbo New South Wales because pugs can be very expensive here in Darwin. They can cost around $1800.00 to $2000.00 here.

Then came Davincci (yup spelled that way) a.k.a. Ikki, Ikkiaiow, a 7 week old pup. Prior to him arriving in Darwin, I sent SMS to all my friends saying we have adopted a son from somewhere else...everyone texted each other confirming whether we really did adopt...Well, I left out the little fact that, HE, is in fact a dog.

We picked Ikki up from the airport in the middle of the night (yes we paid for his interstate fare!). We saw this little cage, and there he was!!! So Friendly and so little. He couldn't stop licking us. After a long flight, we knew he was about to bust, so we let him off around the car park, but he wouldn't let go of us. He was just the cutest pug ever.

Jashkah & Rex

My husband have always wanted another German Shepherd or some other big burly dog. But guess what's happened to him now... A number one Pug Lover. He spoils him like no other. He feeds him on his hand, so up to now, Ikki still eats on our hand. He would not eat from a plate...Yup!

We started off funny too. We had to toilet train him through a wee wee mat. I found this amazing product from the pet shop. It has a disposable mat along with a bottle of a chemical with drops. I'd put several drops of this chemical on that mat and here comes ikki, wanting to pee on that mat. The whole concept is simple. This chemical makes dogs want to pee, then k-9 instinct kicks in, they claim that as their territory. He'd do that over and over. Eventually, he sees that mat simply as the wee wee mat. Even without a drop of the chemical, he'd still wee wee and poo poo on it. When he was about four-five months old, he wouldn't pee nor poo on the mat anymore. He'd scratch the door whenever he feels like relieving himself...then we know what to do...

When we get home from work and school, he'd dutifully offer us our thongs (sleepers, chinelas). He knows which one is mine. He'd go find it and give it to me...the things is, he'd offer me only one...yup, only one and leave the other for me to find. Still a defective pug huh?

Ikki gets excited whenever we say "TARA, WALKING-WALKING" or "TARA, DRIVING-DRIVING", because he loves walking around the block and he loves going for a drive. But when we say "TARA, SHOWER-SHOWER"...off he goes under the bed where no one can reach him!

Anyway, late of last year, we got invited to a pug party. It was the meeting of all pugs in Darwin. Amazingly, there were only a little over 20 pugs in Darwin. Maybe because they are so expensive around here. There were journalists and photographers there covering the unusual meeting. But for all the pug owners, we have come to a conclusion that we will always choose pugs over other breeds. This is due to the fact that we've all experienced the loyalty and the uniqueness of pugs. They have attitudes like no other!

A few weeks after the first meeting, Claire, the lovely and pretty host, invited us over at her beautiful house. Ikki spent his 1st birthday there. We brought over a cake. All the pugs went swimming, socialising and of course....sniffling butts of other pugs.

It was so funny looking at all of them. They all looked the same yet, unusual. Ikki had the time of his life!!!


Before, whenever I go past a pet shop in a shopping centre, I'd go out of my way to avoid getting near one, because they stink! But now, every time I see a pet shop, I can't help but get something for Ikki... be it a shirt, a hat, a goody or just about anything to make him feel excited when I get home.

Pugs @ Clare's

I always look forward to going home and seeing him wag his curly tail, so happy to see me. It's that happiness that makes me feel so loved by this little creature. Never have I experienced this kind of loyalty from anyone, not even from people.

I think it was Einstein who said (correct me if I'm wrong) '....those who lived without a dog in their lifetime have never lived to really know the true meaning of the word LOYALTY'

Yup...I completely agree. But if you choose a pug, then you will also find the true meaning of "LOYALTY WITH A LITTLE BIT OF ECCENTRICITY AND A LOT OF STYLE AND ATTITUDE"..........

PRADA...She's our GP's pug. Ikki & Prada are now committed to each other. But Prada is still in school, so shes not allowed to have a boy friend yet. Her mum said, in due time...


shnaggy said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i miss wally so much. it makes me want to cry wolf.
my kookie is a lot different from him. totally opposite in character.
and btw, wally was named by his previous owner.

we are planning of hosting a pug meeting here also. one late weekend afternoon this summer.

cute kaayo si ikki ba kay good kiddo...

Anonymous said...

ikki would say, "good master"...
y'all got trained!