A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Monday, April 28


To make the most of the ANZAC long weekend, last Sunday, my husband went fishing out in the middle of nowhere in a boat with his work mate. When they finished , he went straight to Ate Luz's house with (apparently) an esky full of huge fishes. I did not see how big they were exactly because by the time I got there, it's all cleaned and sliced already. But looking at the heads...My God.... They were huge!

So guess what??? Yeah, kainan na naman. No wonder I am getting richer and richer...with FATS!

Chef Doc Ed Aralar cooked this oh so yummy na ESKABETCHE (is that how you spell it?) and sinigang fish heads. Just have a look at the size of the pot we used for the Sinigang. It just proves kung gaano kami kalakas kumain.

Not just that. He also cooked Ginataan/binignit/bilo-bilo for dessert na pagka sarap sarap. I sometimes feel his cooking is almost like a sin 'cause you can't stop eating talaga once you start.

Anyhow, we all went home and slept with smiles in our faces, feeling content in our tummy, and looking forward to this Saturday's camp out in the bush- Tumbling Waters Holiday Park.

May Day long weekend, HERE WE COME......

Then Gold Coast and Melbourne...BE WARNED!