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I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Tuesday, May 6


As mentioned in my earlier post, we did go camping over the weekend. The Northern Territory offers a vast camping area that stretches to about 480,000 sq.km. from the Queensland border to Western Australia. Though the land is far more bigger than the whole of Philippines, the population is just a fraction compared. With over 215,000 inhabitants, it is no wonder that this land continues to thrive and draw in tourists in awe of such pristine sceneries.

The camp stuffs...imagine the Gold Coast Stuffs???

We have chosen to camp out at the Tumbling Waters this year. We usually go to Gun Point, but due to lack of facilities out there, we decided to explore a better developed camping ground recommended by Mr David Plews who's visited the place a few times before (...and who was so kind to offer me their cabin bathroom the first night because there was a huge frog in the toilet bowl in public bathroom-Thanks!!!). It would not have been a good site if i do a poo poo and see my poo poo alive and moving!!!
Cabin of the Plews

Anyway, I cooked ensaymada with ube Saturday morning just before we left for the camp. Kuya Boy, who was having a bit of 'Retirement Tension Glitches' (...Must be that Viagra!) was not well enough to do a long drive, so he reluctantly got my husband to drive his brand new ute and I had to drive our Toyota Ute. Ate Luz came with me so we had some girly-girly talks on the way, which made the drive a little bit less painful. Before we even noticed, we were already there!

We got to the camp site tired but safe and sound. First impression? Looks like a Western Refugee Camp. That was my first thought with all the tents and the little cabins erected everywhere. The site was awesome! It felt like a kid arriving in a lolly store. You look to your left and you want to go that way, but then when you look towards the right, it looks better and you decide to go there, only to find out what's ahead is more breathtaking.

Inside the Crocs cage

As soon as Jashkah got out of the car, he went straight to the Croc feeding site, which was just right in front of out tent. We were literally sleeping right next to the crocodiles. But they are all fenced up and it felt quite safe.
The boys next door

Crocs all fenced up right in front of our tents.

We then started setting up our tents without any problems...Except Allan. God knows what he's gone through with that bloody tent, only to find out it was not a tent after all!!! Mona and Xander were about to sleep in our tent while Allan and my husband were to sleep in that I-don't-know-wotcha-call-it, when they realised it was not a tent... It became the cause of so much laughter throughout the weekend camp.

Setting up the camp site.

Our tent with the air mattress, courtesy of the Aralars

Alan, Tent ba yan? Sigurado ka?

We originally planned an overnight stay, but ended up staying there for two nights because the kids were having so much fun, and so were the adults. The kids went bush walking, swimming, playing table tennis, feeding the crocs, fishing, gathering woods for the camp fire and chasing Xander and the peacocks. Next time, we'll bring the kid's bikes. There were endless activities that one would need to stay there for a week to be able to do all of them. It was really a good way to take the kids away from computers and video games because the place did not render them bored and whiny. Jashkah also brought his guitar, which uncle Ed played constantly. The atmosphere was really that when you're in the province.

..Oh, don't worry, we did not leave Ikki that long. My husband along with three others had to come back to the city to buy some more supplies. So he came back home and fed my poor, sad puggie. We wanted to take Ikki with us, but pets are not allowed in any wildlife parks because they attract unnecessary attention from other wildlife.

The peacock residents.

Table Tennis hall was just right next to our tents.

Night Chats

Jashkah playing with a fire wood.

The endless kainan, hagikhikan at kwentohan

Deck Chair Cinema

Every Saturday and Wednesday, they have outdoor movies at 7:30 PM. So the first night, the kids walked all the way in darkness to the cinema grounds from our campsite. I don't know what they watched, but it was a kids movie. All movie viewers sat on the grass under a star studded nightline. It was very reminiscent of my childhood when we had to walk in dark streets all the way to the front of the CMU administration building just to watch a movie.

The Camp Chef

Catch of the Day-caught by Alan

Of course, it won't be called camping if there was no cooking. Rest assured, the food was endless. Ed continuously cooked from dawn to dusk. Nilagang baka, fried fish, aros caldo kilawing baboy at tokwa and Ginataan (binignit) were amongst the menu during the two days that we were in the bush, not to mention the pre-cooked-in-Darwin food. The neighboring campers must've wondered why the cooking never stopped.

The nights were really cold. Jashkah sniffled so badly the first night because he did not bring anything to cover his head from the moisture. So I gave him my cap the second night. When we talk in the morning, we see smoke coming out of our mouths. But that did not stop us from having fun, in fact we enjoyed the experience more. All our laughters echoed throughout the whole camp. We in fact got into trouble with the campers next to us because we were so noisy.

Holy Shmokin Alan!!!

One of the ladies from accross our tents stormed into one of our night giggling sessions and said, "Last night was bad enough, and now it's gotten worst...Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah....Can you please tone it down a bit? We're just trying to sleep...", to which Ed replied sarcastically, "Ssssuuuuurrrree." But she went on and on and on, so Ed added, "NNoooo Wwwwooorriiieess". That must've irritated her more because our giggling just got worst, though sounding more suppressed, the giggles just got so bad.

The bitch from hell in the Heaven's Resort

Kids next door.

Like all other ventures, this journey was bound to come to an end. We left the camp Monday, around 11:00Am. Not sad, but relieved that we have survived two nights out in the bush without any major dramas. There were already talks about going back this coming July or August long weekend. I'm not an outdoor person. I usually prefer staying home and be cosy on the bed with a book. But this time, I am glad I got out and explored one of of the many unsullied places hidden in the Northern Territory.
On our way back, we stopped by at Berry Springs, one of the famous and well visited swimming places near Darwin. Unfortunately it was closed due to we dont know why.... So we were unable to go swimming... We instead went straight to The Chua' s Residence where we had our lunch. Talagang ayaw pa ring mag hiwalayan.
It was a journey I am glad I took. The place was grand and isolated, but our friends made it feel very much like home. Same group of friends are coming with us to the Gold Coast and Melbourne next month. So I guess it's going to be just as fun.
We got in trouble sa tawanan namin, God bless us when we're all occupying the same floor sa isang hotel/apartment sa Gold Coast...Baka ma kick out kami!
Anyway, watch out for more adventures ng mga Tralala Down South...That's next month na!!! Kids, save up kayo....

Driving back to Darwin

Berry Springs


shnaggy said...

halaka no...enjoy kaayo mu. ana man jud na pinoy ba sabaan...katawaha jud pirmi no... suya lang na sila ba...layo kaayo na sa inyo yeng?
kinsa asawa ana plews?murag chute lagi na sha ai...

falcon116 said...

enjoy jud...camping gani mi sa bush para dadto mag saba-saba daw magpaka wala. sos gi balong man noon mi.

Mr. David Plews is the husband of Janice. Janice is one of Ate Luz's daughters.

ga read baya na sila ani ako blog. David, if you're reding this, My sis said you're chut-chut. (cute-cute)...yeah maybe his scooter...heheheh

shnaggy said...


yeng ga e ko ana recipe nimo ensaymada b. kay try nako na og kato bitaw puto cheese nimo? naa sad kai recipe sa brownies ni mum? ga e ko ha...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're now enjoying life in N.T. with real friends