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I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Tuesday, May 20


My son is 'now officially a teenager', as he pointed out to me so often on the days preceding...


I always say, it does not matter, he's still my son and he's still a minor. To that, he would always resign to the fact that I still have the last words.

To be honest, it pains me to think that he's now finally stepping into the threshold of adulthood. Pain, may be too much of a word, sad, perhaps? But then again, I'm not. I am in fact glad that he's turned out to be who he is today. It gladdens me to see that I have brought him up well in spite of all the pains that we've been through together during his younger years. The emotion is too complex to convey.

It's more of a dejected feeling not being able to go shower with him anymore, not being able to carry him anymore, not being able to kiss him when I'm dropping him off to school, not being able to tease him any time of the day...all the things that we do together when he was a baby.

My baby's no longer a baby!!!!

Now, the activities have changed. We no longer build Lego castles and trucks, we no longer watch Bananas in Pajamas. No more book readings. Instead, we now download songs together, search for sites in the internet, Listen to the same music, watch movies together, tell jokes and secrets. We now play and compete against each other on video games. Things have indeed changed.

Sometimes I'd ask, is he growing up so fast or am I growing old too soon ? He's catching up so quickly. So many things he knows that I don't. Talks about artists I've never heard of. He's even got a Mums-Not-Allowed Blog site!!! I did not know he's got a site at Bebo's!!! When I saw it the other day, I got so excited, then he said, "Mum, I feel so violated. That is my private life...:


I did not get upset or anything. I want him to develop his own drive at his own will and pace. He was right. That was his site. The same way that this is my site. I told him I'm not going to change anything in his Bebo profile, I just wanna see. So he showed me his blog, but then I found my self suggesting this and that here and there... Then I realised, if he does that, then he's no longer expressing himself. He will be expressing my ideas. So I backed off and let him be.
Guess what I found in his site.



But hey, that's his way of expressing his artistic self. Scary, but what's a mum to do?

I think I am still in a denial state....Denial of I don't know what. I was hoping I'd still see Winnie The Pooh, Mulan and Nemo amongst his site's bling blings. Instead, I found girls comments and stuffs...and the above!

Oh dear...

Well, Jashkah, You might not know how much we love you. You will only understand the intensity once you are a parent yourself. But right now, I want you to enjoy your life. Study well and be the best person that you can be. Having said that, I do not mean Awards and Honors, they come second. If they do come, then they're mere bonuses in life. What I mean with 'the best person you can be' is be a good man. Respect others, and always think before you do something or before you make decisions. If they are bound to hurt others, then think if it is for the greater good. If not, then it's not worth doing nor is it worth the time of your thought. If you follow the golden rule, then everything will fall into place.

We're only here to provide you the support that you need. But you will have to carve your own way through in the society. How you behave and treat others will determine how you will be treated and what you're going to be, so be mindful of your actions.

I do believe in you, as did all your grade school teachers who have often told me how polite you were and how mature you behaved. I hope you will carry on with these values forever. I am so proud of you my son. I will forever be thankful to God for having blessed me with a son that you are.

Happy Happy birthday Jashkah. Enjoy your new phone, even though Ikki thinks it's his goody.

There is more to come ...The Gold Coast & Melbourne holiday!!!
All for you my teen age baby.

My pledge to you: For as long as we are here, we will continue to protect you and support you in your every endeavour.

I love you so much...

"Don't wait to make your son a great man-make him a great boy."- Unknown

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shnaggy said...

hi jash,

happy birthday boy. now you are a teenager!!! and soon a fine, young gentleman.
enjoy your days and always keep in mind that life is not all a bed of roses. just continue to search your legend...your dreams...

your mum and dad are so proud of you. and so are we!!!

have fun!!!