A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Sunday, March 15


It's now Sunday afternoon. My procrastinating days are over. I'm due back to work tomorrow and I do expect a busy week ahead. But with the full intention of making the most of my time off from work, I wasted no time in wasting all of it in gallivanting around with my hubby and friends.
This car goes well with this booty
Most of Saturday was spent in my car driving around for garage sales to looking for Cat's prospective car-to-be then test driving a V8 Holden Statesman, to ransacking a Filipino Farm in the rural area half an hour drive from my house-well, really, about 3 hours drive wasted on looking for the right way after getting lost several times. Thanks to the GPS in my Nokia N95/8G, we found the right farm and our way out.

Mona got dropped off by her husband here at my place about 7:00AM. Cat arrived shortly after with her laptop on tow (not intending to let Papa Eric miss out a bit of her day-owwwsssweeeet), then we had breakfast before we started the never-ending drive.
Negotiation Skills at its best comparable to that of a Hostage Negotiator
We went to some garage sales looking for essentials to furnish Mona and Allan's newly bought house (another hang-out-to-be). Although it was not as productive as we hoped, we somehow saw an area just right along Stuart hi-way full of private vehicles for sale. Cat is currently looking for a new car because her Emina is already starting to falter on her. She's only had one look at this V8 Holden Statesman and she's fallen in love with it. So typical of her. So Cat and my husband joined forces with their negotiation skills...in translation, BARATAN talents...the Statesman was being sold for $22,000.00. Cat managed to get it down to $19,000.00...But my husband has an unbeaten talent in BARATAN, he got it down to $17,000.00.

Cat: Yes! This is better than any man!!!

Mona: Buti pa to pati upuan leather.
They arranged to meet with the owner, then we went ahead and pursued another garage sale in one of the rural communities here in Darwin. Again, without any luck, we decided to go to Kuya Leo's farm (a Filipino Farmer here in Darwin).

We've been to his farm so many times before (specially during Mango season), but amazingly, just one missed turn then we were lost. Anyway, yes we found the farm and raided from it cooking bananas (Saba), pumpkins (lots of it), kalamansi and banana blossoms, which Cat later on cooked with Gata (Grabe Sarap! Swerte ni Papa E).
The Banana Plantation

Mona will never survive in a farm... She stayed most of the time inside the car, scared of such a gentle creature...Earth Worm. Snakes are rampant in the farm, but she wasn't scared of that, she was scared of Earth Worms. She'd probably kill an Earth Worm with a full Magazine of UZI if given the chance. For some strange reasons...she loathes these creature with the absolute degree of loathing.

We came back to Palmerston and headed straight to McDonald's McCafe for some very refreshing Frappe. In the afternoon we test-drove the V8, Cat falling in love with it more, but hated the owner for being such a DH. So she decided to give it a miss. Geees, she would have bought it had he given her extra attention. Looking back, I think she made the right decision anyway. A V8 is so costly in fuel consumption, plus the fact that it runs like a wheeled missile...Not a good choice for someone with 4 little kids. The sound of the car alone sounds so intimidating.
Pumpkins and bananas for the matatakaw.
We spent the rest of the day cooking and eating here in the house...and oh, consoling Ate Luz with her love problems. She came here late at night in tears, so being the good friends that we are, we had to lend our ears. But like most marriage problems, friends can only listen and give assurances

By 10:00PM we've all fallen asleep in my family room, probably due to exhaustion...
Xander up in a mango tree-braver than his mum
Ate Luz having a nightmare while Cat is in la-la land

Well, that's how my cookie crumbled on Saturday....

Early this morning, we decided to go to the Sunday Rapid Creek Market, bought food then went to the Nightcliff Jetty for some fresh Air. It probably did good in Ate Luz's system because she started smiling and laughing again. We've made bets on the odds of 'someone' either coming back to Darwin this week or not. Unfortunately, shortly after we've closed the deal, we found out the answer...my group lost. So we have to shout the other group a lunch at the Sky City Casino next week.

The showbiz mother and son

Cat in la-la land again

So there goes the finale of my week off from work...Exhausting but good. Productive? Not really. But that was the intention for taking this time off from work...rest and cruise around.

Who's taking who to lunch again? I think I said he's coming back....

I'm now looking forward to the April holy week long weekend....Ang sarap pala ng walang ginagawa kundi lakwatsa ng lakwatsa....


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