A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Monday, April 20


I am currently stuck with so much to blog about but so little time to do it. From the Easter Egg Hunting that we did for the kids, which was the other weekend, to the lakwatsa that we did over the weekend that's just gone.

I am, however, more excited to show you first what we, Tres Amigas, did last Saturday...

Anyway, last Friday, Cat got her DHL box from Pinas. It's got her late pasalubong for us from her holiday back home. She's got me a bag, some knick knacks, a shirt and some pinoy seasonings (I left it back at her place-Actually, I think someone's pinched it off my bag...Jehehehe).

But the feature pasalubongs are: JARRRRAAAANNNGGG!!!


It's brought the number of my HAV thongs to five. Had two from my sis and my cousin Bing. Another two from Cat, and one from....guess who!
Thank you very much Papa E.

Papa E is Cat's beau...Actually, boyfriend...No, fiancee na pala. He's also given Mona a pair of Havaianas. I don't think he's just trying to suck up on Cat's friends here in Darwin. I think he's just a genuinely nice, thoughtful, caring, worthy, congenial, admirable, responsible, favorable, amiable, agreeable (huff. huff), commendable, sociable, affable, amicable, distinguishable (huff. huff) gentleman...any other adjectives you can add? I'm hoping that every adjective will be converted to a pair of Havaianas when Cat goes back to Pinas...very soon!!! Yehey! Another pair...Bait bait ni Papa E. Sabi ni Mona you're now one of her official sponsors...I-endorse ka daw nya palagi...

Kiding aside, thank you very much Papa E, from the bottom of our bottom...este hearts pala ni Mona.

No need to impress us. We know you're highly capable of looking after our friend.

Anyway, last Saturday, Cat, Mona and I went to this Bra and Knicker sale at the Darwin Show Grounds. Cat's bought gazillions of lingerie and Dolce and Gabbana thongs- getting ready for the big event huh Cat?
Mona was just happy to try every single kinky outfit that she saw and pause for the camera. She ended up buying a D&G thong as well...Wanna bet? That g-string you bought will just end up as Xander's sling shot! I bet my butt crack that Thong won't see the light of day. Baka ipapa frame pa nya yan together with the Havaianas that Papa E gave her...
I was not able to get anything for myself because I'm a Jammy kind of gal. I love my pyjamas and I can't stand G-strings. PERIOD.
However, I got that black leather kinky outfit that Mona's trying on above. Nope, not for myself but for a photo shoot that I am still trying to negotiate with these two sexy ladies. I also got these really cute thongs for my sister. I'm hoping she'll wear them cuz she loves wearing sexy low cut jeans. These thongs will be good to look at just in case her butt crack accidentally pops out of her jeans.

She's slim and athletic, so I think these will really look good on her. Warning though...these pretty thongs can cause you to be a bit of an exhibitionist sis.
But that's okey 'cuz I'm sure her butt won't look like this butt...like mine would .....
No that's not me...and that's not mine down under. It's some unfortunate soul we've spotted at McDonald's. Very good example of why we have to be very careful and make sure that even our undies are sexy and nice just in case it pops out, right?

Shocks...I think I really look like this...


Anonymous said...

Halu Cheryl!

Thanks for the compliment! Well, it's just a pair of havs u know. Will find more pairs when bebeko get back here.

Thanks for looking after my bebeko and i hope you always have a nice time there. Bebeko is so lucky having you guys around! Thanks again Cheryl and Monz!

T, M & D inlove,

shnaggy said...

hahaha...when was i ever slim. i am athletic, yes, but the body is foodletic...but i promise i will wear those because it is only in my mind that i look good in it...i love that floral boy briefs...wahhh can't wait!!!
well uv got lots of havs now hey. mine is same as the denim color and the grey-black something. i hate it, cuz it's just so comfy i cannot wear any other footwear but that. imagine i was wearing that same thing in apo island chasing nemo and family...under water...hmmm...and chasing flights back home...ha! no other footwear fits my sole...but that!!!it is so designed for my very feet!!!

falcon116 said...

@papaE thank you pa rin. oh, we don't look after her, we just let her run amuck, that's when she's the happiest. bwihihihi. Anyway...you should see all sexy stuffs she's bought. Grabe. Parang world war three na.

@shnaggy...hmmmm I could imagine your butt on these thongs now. oi, don't take a photo then send to me huh? I know you do these kind of things....taking pictures of 'UFOs'.

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