A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Sunday, January 11


Yes and No.

Yes, I have reached the end of the Twilight saga. And No, I haven't had any luck in finding ECLIPSE. You won't believe what I've had to go through trying to find a copy of the third book, but even bookstores down south are waiting on back orders.

It's very unfortunate that I don't have Edward Cullen's self control. Yes, I did try, waited, and was unusually patient for a while there. But when my friend, Cat, texted me saying,


...I thought, my prayer's been answered, finally. But I did wonder for a moment why they are selling ECLIPSE at COLES. For those of you who don't know, Coles is a chain of grocery stores here in Australia. Yes, they've got meat there for Jacob.
Anyway, I thought nothing much of it but I was getting my self so hyped up and ready to drive away to buy a copy.

Then guess what the big joke was!!!

HaHaHa! Very funny Catrina!

How gullible can I get when it comes to this??? That did it!!! I've had enough! Enough waiting and looking and searching and calling... I'm gonna read BREAKING DAWN!

And so I did...

Now, Ive finally reached the conclusion of the whole saga without reading bloody ECLIPSE...

Having read BREAKING DAWN and not reading ECLIPSE first, I don't think it's detrimental to the big finale. Each book has a story of it's own, in a way. Yes, one should read TWILIGHT, then NEW MOON, then ECLIPSE, then BREAKING DAWN ideally. But if you do decide to skip, I'm happy to advise, go for it.

I seek Daniel Pennac's Readers Bill of Rights:

1. The Right to Not Read

2. The Right to Skip Pages

3. The Right to Not Finish

4. The Right to Reread

5. The Right To Read Anything

6. The Right to Escapism

7. The Right to Read Anywhere

8. The Right to Browse

9. The Right to Read Out Loud

10. The Right to Not Defend Your Tastes

(taken from: http://sally906.blogspot.com/)

Please refer point No.2...right to skip. I exercised this right.

I honestly do not think it's going to affect my 'could be' reactions and feelings for ECLIPSE, should copies of the book be out this coming week. Had I read BREAKING DAWN before NEW MOON, it would not have made such a big impact on my perception of the saga. I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to fit the pieces together the way they should be.

Oh, I also seek RBR No.10... The right not to defend... This entails, yes the genres of the books I read, and in this case, how I read it.

So for those who bludgeoned me for having cheated and skipped...like the friend who sent me the ECLIPSE GUM picture...and Mona, who got talked into reading TWILIGHT post Twilight movie...EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!! I've read it...I'm finished...and I'm re-reading them all!!!

Head high...Chin up...walk straight and say...Beeeee!!!! (tongue out)


shnaggy said...

ha? maka buang jud d i? ako ga wait pa ko ever kanus a mu abot sa national bookstore...samok. i want twilight to be my first book-to-read for january. although am still reading "chicken soup for moms and sons" left over from november. it's a good read, too. lots of tears flowed out.
hmmm...just waiting and i won't skip...

falcon116 said...

yes, but another piece of advise, if you see the whole four series, buy them all na. Because the moment you finish the first book, you won't stop thinking about the next one. and if they get sold out again, you'll be waiting for ages for the next lot to come in...and you'll be kicking yourself for not buying all four when you had the chance...then you'll be reading whatever you can get a hold of even if it's already Breaking Dawn or maybe even Midnight Sun.

anijun said...

hello. ngayong tapos mo na ang twilight, tamang-tama naman na lalabas na ang aking novel. pakibisita na lang po ng www.anijun.wordpress.com. nakapost na po doon ang ibang detalye at book cover ng novel. salamat.

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