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Friday, May 11

First Week

My week started so stressful because I have never worked for the Arafura before. I have absolutely no idea how it's going to go, where to park at the hotel we are based at (believe me, I tend to worry about little things), who I'm going to work with and what to expect.

My first shift was from 12:00 PM to 9:00PM. Few VIPs arrived at the hotel and several other athletes from other countries. Everything went great and smooth.

We were bombarded with food and drinks. The main meals were so great I asked where they came from....I meant which restaurant... Then they asked me, " Do you really want to know?" Of course I said yes. I was told to finish my food first but I kept on pushing for it... Well, guess who's cookin????? Prisoners. hheheheheheh. It was nice!!

Anyway, so far so good. I'm also helping out with the VIP invitations for all the functions the NT Government is hosting for sport ministers, delegation heads and all other important people from different countries. Depending on what I'm asked to do, I work within two posts, the Sports house at Fannie Bay and the Saville Hotel in the city where all the VIPs are staying.

I am seriously having fun doing something different from my usual mundane work at DCIS ( but I do miss my colleagues out there).

Right now, I'm working with a bunch of wonderful strangers, mostly volunteers. Its funny how I classify people out where I'm working. The young ones...maybe looking out for good looking athletes (OMG Lots of them!!!). Then, there's the middle aged people (like me) who simply have mortgages to pay and at the same time wanting to get out of the usual work, have fun and discover more of what life has to offer. And there are the oldies but goldies who simply do not have anything to do on their retirement age and still want to be of service to the community. All together, we show Darwin hospitality at its greatest.

Athletes and delegates at the same time are friendly and unbelievably cooperative even if some of them do not know a single word in English.

Astonishingly, heat emanating from such humid weather is also not ruining the convivial atmosphere. Must be global warming...it is peculiarly hot hot hot here in Darwin despite the fact that the month of May is the start of the cold season.

Some Filipino athletes have already arrived but the Philippine Minister of Sports won't be here 'till Sunday.

The Picure attached as well as this clipping is from the NT News:

Filipino tennis player Christian Diongko is looking forward to the Games, despite working up a sweat.
``It is very hot here,'' he said. It is the 24-year-old's second visit for the Arafura Games. In 1999 he claimed a bronze medal.
``I hope to go home this time with at least a medal,'' he said.
``I don't think I'll get a gold _ I've heard there are some really tough tennis players this year but we'll see what happens.''

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break a leg to christian diongko!!!