A One Way Voyage........

I live life not the way I want it. I live life the way I decided. Decisions never always reflect what you want. Whether it's a mistake or not, it is the way God wanted it to be. Not known for now, but there is a reason, for I have died once, yet lived again. Be it fraught with upsets, at the end of the road, for as long as I can say "I have not harmed a soul", then it withstood the waves and the journey was perfect.-Falcon116

Friday, June 27


We arrived in Melbourne early in the morning ( I think 7:20am).We had our first taste of the Melbourne weather the moment the airplane doors were opened and a cold gush of wind welcomed us all.

I was going to take photos of us with the airplane behind us, but I got told off. It's not allowed. I forgot about the 'Anti-Terrorism laws'.

Walking down towards terminal 4 to get our luggage.

Waiting for the Aralars (while they made their complaint) outside Terminal 3

When we got all our baggage, two of the Aralar's Suitcases were wrecked, so they had to go to the departure area of Tiger Airways and made their complaint. Unfortunately, as it is a budget airlines, they do not take any liabilities of the baggage handling. Tiger Airlines is a Singapore based company and they have
just started operating here in Australia a year or so ago. Apparently, another company does their baggage handling for them.

'Where'd the wheels go???'

So quick note, when you fly with Tiger Airlines, make sure your
suit cases are strong enough to withhold the intensity of the handling.

When you travel at such a cheap fare, average AU$300.00 from Darwin to Melbourne-Melbourne to Gold Coast, return, you don't really expect an excellent service, but one would think they would at least take
responsibility of the baggage from the time it's
deposited to their care

Another lesson learned....

Breakfast @ McDonald's. Waiting for our afternoon flight.

We waited for our afternoon flight inside Terminal three (Aralars, Macaranas and the Catungcans), while Ate Luz's mob ( Allan, Mona, Xander, Mary and Ate Lydia) took the sky bus at $26.00 per head(return) to go sightseeing around the city. They got back to the airport in the afternoon to catch their 4:something flight to the Gold Coast. Ours was at 2:25 (I think).

(Above) Gilbert Playing with his PSP while Jashkah and NetNet looks on and Little Miss pink enjoyed her headphone which was mistaken by the airport security as "SOMETHING UNUSUAL" in her bag when x-rayed.
(Right) Geovie, Jashkah, Lil' Miss Pink and Gilbert watching something funny in You Tube.

While we waited for our flight, the kids amused themselves with games, Internet, food-oh yeah lots of food!!! Krispy Kreme!!!

Jashkah found a petty job, collecting trolleys in the airport and apparently got paid 5cent per trolley returned...Uhhmmm...hello. Isn't your pocket money enough???



shnaggy said...

naa d i tuoy lami na donuts sa manila, go nuts! ang name.

falcon116 said...

heard of Krispy Kreme? Nice pud.

shnaggy said...

yup naa pud krispy kreme sa manila but wa ko ka tilaw. favorite bya na ni oprah.